About Us


Offer amazing unique collectible items at a fair price, while building transparent and trustful relationships within the collecting community.


Bringing joy to the world and make collecting accessible to everyone by deliver a memorable, exciting, and fun experience. 


  • Honesty & Transparency Is Everything
  • Authenticity, Quality and Value Matters
  • Create Memorable Experiences 
  • Handle/Ship With Love & Care
  • Make Collecting Fun!!

Our Story

Big Fella’s Collectibles & Vintage was established in 2022 as a small family business with big hopes and dreams. It started while on vacation, with the family coming up with the name and the idea of establishing a company that would help bring the collecting and vintage community together. We first launched on the Whatnot streaming platform with really no expectations on how things would go but after a few streams we knew that something special was happening. The company has grown tremendously and now has a huge inventory with thousands of pieces offering some of the most unique, high quality collectibles, and vintage items on the market today. Despite this tremendous growth we remain grounded and committed to delivering world class customer service, fast and reliable “white glove” shipping, and giving back to our communities. That is why 10% of all profits on all sales goes to Geli’s Sunshine Project, a fully accredit non-profit organization we established to honor the memory of our daughter Angelica and Baby Isabella. If you like to learn more about their story go to: